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WCCCS - An Innovative way to offer services to the community. 


Walkus Christian Counseling Consulting Services Inc. provides compassionate, personalized services tailored to your requirements and the requests of your loved one. We are a Veteran Owned and operated company that understands that you may have questions our at-home personal care services. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to offer answers and suggestions for any concerns you have. You can contact Walkus Christian Counseling Consulting Services Inc. to learn more about the quality at-home services we  provide.

"A Touch of Kindness Personal Care Services" is our personal care service program that works with home bound  or  persons with limited abilities to provide Concierge Service to help with your At-home Care Needs


Everyone needs companionship, and everyone needs a helping hand now and again. Unfortunately, many veterans, seniors, and health-challenged adults struggle with isolation and conditions strongly linked with poor emotional and physical health. Others have to cope with age-related difficulties, which make it hard to perform everyday tasks and activities.

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