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We are proud to introduce our newest service called A Touch of Kindness Personal Care Service.  This service provide kind and compassionate care services to people which allows for companionship, basic errands, and so much more!  A Touch of Kindness Personal Care Service is places a face to the company as it extends our philosophy that “Caring for the whole person is at the center of our complete care philosophy. It is a holistic approach to care for the mind, body, spirit, and well-being.”

Our Personal Care Administrators believe that it is important to meet with family members and, when necessary, consult with your family members’ physician(s), social workers, hospital or nursing home staff to help provide the best individual care to our client as professionally and holistically as possible. Our goal is to get a complete picture of your loved one's at-home care needs.

Personal Care Services

If you decide to proceed with care services, we will recommend a compassionate, qualified, and knowledgeable Personal Care companion. Contact your local office today to schedule a free, no-obligation Concierge Care assessment for your loved one.


Keep Connected Program


Walkus Christian Counseling Consulting Services Inc. knows that providing care for your loved one requires a holistic approach. This holistic approach entails care for the individual, both inside and outside of the home. By utilizing modern technology, our societal care program helps families stay connected.

Our Keep Connected Program setup and teaches how to:

  • Use a cell phone

  • Text, send e-mail, Skype, Zoom, or use FaceTime.

  • Create a Facebook page/account and interact with family and friends.

  • Write Letters or Bill Pay setup.

  • Log in, shop online, or research information on a search engine.

  • *We offer Smart-home setup as well.

Using platforms like Facebook, Skype, FaceTime, etc., we believe that this is important to keep your loved one feeling engaged and connected with the family.


Specialist Services

Personal Care Services is perfect for adults who live alone or far from family, providing the company, conversation, and security of a dedicated care companion. Our Concierge Services can also be a lifeline for loved ones who no longer have the energy, motivation, or physical well-being to live comfortably without assistance. In addition to seniors, Disabled Veterans, Adults with health challenges can use our services. We offer family caregivers respite, relief, and peace of mind by hiring a compassionate care administrator.

Integrated Christian Counseling


Pastoral Counseling

We offer Pastoral Counseling support to those seeking family, relationship, premarital, or individual counseling. More specifically, it may be helpful to individuals working through or challenged by any of the following situations: 

We offer a professional level of mental health treatment, thanks to graduate training and education, while also providing spiritual guidance from a faith-based perspective.

  • Spiritual assessment

  • Grief and loss

  • Issues related to chronic or terminal illness

  • Conflicts around spiritual beliefs

  • Mental health issues directly linked to religious beliefs or doctrine 

  • Crises of faith

  • Adjusting to mental health support when wary of the system

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